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Kallzan thaun (from my heart)

Kallzan thaun

Kallzan thaun, An Original song, composed and sung in soft alluring cadences By Sanifa Rodrigues

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


Uzvaadd ailho rathiyam modhem

Light has dawned in shade of night

Mevhlo mhozo razha

I met my KIng

Mogan tujhea hanv podlaem

I fell in love with you

Tujhench zaunk axetham

I crave to be yours

Tunch mhojea kallzan

You are in my heart

Tujeach sangathan ravhteleim

I will remain in your company

Hein kalliz Mhojeam

This heart of mine

Moga kkor tujhem….

My love make it yours

Ch: Mog zalo tuzho, Kallzan thaun

Fell in love with you from my heart

Niz mog kelho tuzho, Kallzan thaun

True love for you from my heart

Kedinch tuka sodchinaem

Never will I leave you

Mog unno zaunk diumchinam

I will not let love grow faint

Mog tuzho rigla, Kallzan thaun

Love for you is engraved in my heart

Uzvaad diun tujhea mogacho

With the glow of love from you

Dukh udhon gehlem

My sorrows pain have faded away

Tujhe vinnem ravho nezho

With you I cannot live

Ravchiem sodaemkal sanghatan

Will remain in love always

Zavchim nhuim doshim

We'll never part

Tunch asha hea kallzan

You are in my heart

Heim kalliz Mhojem

This heart of mine

Moga kor tujhem….

My love make it yours


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