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Kallzak Kalliz Wedding Special- 7 Notes Band Goa

Kallzak Kalliz

Kallzak Kalliz (when two hearts blend as One) side by side an enchanting wedding special for a graceful couple, Romulius & Asmita by Composer/ Vocalist : Myron Lucas the 7 Notes Band & Best wishes to the Couple

Credit: The 7 Notes Band. Lyrics with english translation for our Global audience.


jhosso ontrollar noketrancho uzvadd

As the stars light up the Heaven

toshem mhojea jivatan tum

likewise you light up my life

bhagentlea fullam pormoll varear

as flowers in the garden spread they scent

mhojea kallzache pormoll tum

like wise you are hearts fragrance


mogan tuzo sangat zai

in love I want you company

kor tum maka tujea kallzacho rai

Make me heart's Prince

kallzak kalliz mevoilem ami

he joined our hearts together

Ekvott amcho bhandlo dogainim

Our Union we tied together

tujeach gopant ravtollom

in your arms I will remain

Moga morosor ami

till we die

vengent tuka sambaltolom

In your arms I will guard you

moga morosor ami

till we die

la la la la......

... mhozo sangat, kai borem sobit rupnem

.... my company, how beautiful your visage

moga tuja sangatak korunk fuddar

my love in your company I want to make my future

sopon purem zallem

my dreams came true



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