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Kallzache Anvdde (heart's desire)

Kallzache Anvdde

Kallzache Anvdde (heart's desire) a lively Konkani love duet

with pulsating beat and a sprightly dance choreography

Cast: Claid Tavares & Afita Barreto

Vocalist: Claid Tavares & Valanca Pereira

snippets of lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


surya kumpani uddelo novo dis tho gevun ailo

sun has risen in the clouds bringing forth a new day

poilo dis tho mhujea collegecho

the first day of my college

poi mhojea jivitant meulo

what was destined, I met the one for me

she: tuka poitoch jivak ..pissian bhasen soggleak soditt ravlem

when I first saw you, insanely I was looking everywhere

khallzan mhojea tuje .zattlem.....

shakkin purem zallem mhojea kallzache anvde

in the end my hearts desires were fulfilled


hanv tuzo tum re mhojo khallzan petla mogacho uzzo

I am yours and you are mine the hearts kindled with fire

tuka sangonk jive axelam mhojo niz mog kortam tuzo

I was longing to tell you in my life I love you truly

niz mog kortam tuzo ......3

I love you truly

borem ghunn tujea mhojea khalzzan riglem

you good virtues has nestled in my heart

tum mhaka Devachem Dennem

you're are for me God's Gift

tuka collegent poilet thea dissak

from the day I saw you in the college

uchambol zallem khalliz mhozem

my heart was in turmoil

poitoch rup tuzem

gazing at your visage


tuzo niz mog mhaka zalle

true love for you has begun

tuka songok mhaka loze dista

I was feeling shy to tell you

dis rath tuzim chitnam hanv chintam

day and night thoughts of you

noxibhan meular puro mhunne rozarant magtam

for you to be in my fate, I plead in my prayers


.lhara porim ailem gopant mogacho asro dhi sonvsarant

like a wave you swept into my arms, give me refuge in this world

vixvas mhaka dhi mhojea jivitant

give me trust in this world

mog amcho sambhalunk vavurche ravun ekvottan

to preserve our love, we'll remain together


tum mevtoch mhaka sukh favo zallem tuvem dillem dennam

once you met me I was blessed with happiness, your gift

khalzzan mhoje tuvem kellem bhiram

you made your abode in my heart

kedna sodchina hanv tuka utor eim mhojem

I will never leave you, this is word


khallzem meulim dogaichim

two hearts blended

bhas dillem sangatam ravpachim

gave our vow to remain together

shakkim magne zallim purim

our prayers came true

soddanch uronk magchim kanni amchi

always we pray our story remains



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