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Jurament (broken vows)


Jurament, A sad and poignant song in konkani of broken vows, false promises and broken hearts.

Composer :M Boyer, a classic singer: Antoinette

credit : Olgaveronica Rodrigues


Kalliz hem tukach re bettoilem,

I dedicated my heart to yo

Mog utor kallzacher kantoilem,

Your words have pierced my heart

Don kalzam bandpachem dhor tunttoilem,

the knot to tie two hearts have come undone

Innocent kallzak hea fottoilem.

the innocent heart has been fooled


Vachun tujea donui chitti,

having read the two letters

Kallzak hea dukh bogli motti,

it caused great pain and sorrow

Jurament diun fottoilem, maka praier Kongotti.

you broke your vows on the Calangute beach and fooled me.

Palloili vath mojea jivitachi,

you turned off the light of life's path

Sun korunk maim tuji zaina raji,

your mother will not have daughter in law

Gulfant vortam mhunnoi sangatinn zatoch tuji

you will take me to Gulf, once I become your wife

Punn axea kallzan bitor urli moji

but my wishes remained in my heart


Jurament dil'lo dogainim

we gave our vows together

Aiz anv eklinch roddtam dukhanim

today I ma crying alone

Moga tuka pisso kello gulfantlea duddvanim

My love, the Gulf;s money has made you mad

Goem yeun kazar tum zatolo

You will come to Goa and wed

Bailek gheun congoti tum vetoloi

you will take your wife to Calangute

Jurar zalea khursaxim tum pautolo

you will vow before the cross

Tednam mozo ugddass tuka yetoloi

then you might remember me too

Koslench sukh ani urlole nam

I have not tasted any happiness

Fottoixi mhunnon chintlemnam

I never knew you will fool me

Chitti ani jurament, fotti mhunnon gomlemnam

letters and vows were a lie I did not understand.


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