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Ieiat bhavartiamno ( Come, all ye faithful).....

Ieiat, bhavartiamno ( Come all ye faithful) followed

by 2. Holy Joly Chrismass -3. Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad - 4.Rocking Around - delightful Christmas medley covers in 3 languages Credit:  Franky Oliveiro & The Team, Music: Fr. Seville Antao

Carol lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Ieiat, bhavartiamnô,

Come, all ye faithful,

sontosbhorit kallzan

with jubilant hearts,

vegim, vegim eieat

come, come, hurry

Belea xharant!

in the city of Bethlehem !

Rai Anj-bhoddveancho

The King of Angels,

supul’lo ballôk zala

a small Baby is born


not included

(Xelliank sanddun taktin

Leaving all the sheep,

apoileat mhonn dhanvtat

they are hurrying because they are called,

khalte gonvlli gottheant

in the humble manger,

Ballak bhozunk.

to adore the Baby.

Ami-i bhavartan

We too, with full faith,

Jezuchem paiam podd’-ia.

let’s fall at the feet of Jesus.)



Ieiat, nomoskar korat,

Come, and adore,

ieiat, nomoskar korat,

come, and adore,

ieiat, nomoskar korat

come, and adore,


the Lord !

Bapacho Porzôll To,

He is the bright light of the Father,

Sasnnik Put Devacho,

He is God’s Eternal Son,


in the nature of a man ,

lipun ailo!

humbly he came !

Deva-Ballak tôr

The child of God

falliamnim guttlailolea.

is covered in dry grass.


( not included)

(Amchê khatir durbôll

Poor for our sake,

khavnnent nidla Ballôk;

in the grass sleeps the Baby:

bhoktin Tacho ami

Let us all, humbly,

Umanv gheum-ia;

kiss Him;

amcho itlo môg

let us love,

kortoleacho môg kor’-ia!

the one who loves us so much ! )


2.Holy Joly Chrismass -

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