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Hanv Mog Tum ( I love You)

Hanv Mog Tum

Sometimes life is cruel , here is a poignant,

Goan Konkani Love song of love that remains, love that never flees in the midst of sickness and sorrow but stays firm till death sets apart.

Credit: Lyrics : Albano Rodrigues cast: Wesley Mendes, Swetlana Rodrigues,, Sanvy Brito, Jerry D'Souza lyrics with translation for global audience .Credit: Jerry Rodrigues Hanv Mog Tum, vid will load in few secs


Nirashi hanv Jiveatalom , mhojea jivacho mog maka naslo

I was living a despised life, I did not have any love for my life

tujhea mogachi ghodashan chaptoch, jivit mojem hanv jivon siklo

after tasting your sweetness of love, I started living again

Dollean tujea poitoch fokot ...akko sonvsar dekhlo

After looking into your eyes , I have the seen the whole world


tum maka muetoch dislem ossem sonvsarem voddhe ... Ziklo

after meeting you, it felt like I won the greatest reward

Lagona bhuk ani thaen tum assotoch tujea gopant, tum amrut mujhea jivatem

I do not feel hungry or thirsty when I am in your embrace, you are nectar(sweetness) of my love.

Sonvsar dilea naka fokot tunch zai maka tujeach bhitor ..

If given the whole world I do not want it, its only you I need

Tum nastana khon naslo, sonvsaran diso fokan

before you, I had nobody, life seemed foolish

Khallzan em dhar ugodlaem, sukhachem payneam

You opened the door of my heart, in the swing of love

ratche vatte choltana avechit kantte disla margar

while walking on the road, I saw the thorns

rosto ekuch aslo, chitunuk naslem zait mhunne separar

there was only one way, I never knew we'll separate

Cancer kuddik mhujea meutoch

when I became afflicted with Cancer

sodunk tuka nezho punne soddchench podta

I did not want to leave you, but had to

boro zaunk tuzo fudar

because I wished good future for you

Pois hanv daintolon, porot nav meutolom

I will go far away, I will not meet you again

dukh mhojem tuka dakoichem nah

My affliction and pain , I will not let you know

dukhi hanv roddtam tujench chitun roddtan

I cry alone, thinking about you, I cry

Jesus bhogus mhuje paktam

Lord Jesus Forgive my sins

Mai adar maka dhi susunk dukhi

Blessed Mother give me your help to endure this pain


Donia zanv tuji koshi

Lord God may you will be done


Chitlam dukh thuvem lipon

You were thinking to hide your sickness

aplem jivak sogglem bogun

to suffer your life alone

punn hanv tuka soddchinam

But I will not leave you

sonvsar passun podlear soddun

even,it to If I have to leave the world behind

Mog ho bhetoilo tuka

I dedicated my love for you

toir nah dusreak vantto

I am not ready to give it to anyone else

tuka jivitpon hanv ravtelim

I will give you intimacy(company)

kedna tufan ailrer lagun

Howsoever great the storms


Donia tujean nirmon ailem aiz goddun

Lord God , what you destined has come to pass

don kallzan thein ektaim

two hearts became One


soddanch tuka hanv borem magtolom

I will pray good for you

Sorgar rajean hanv ravon

waiting in heavenly kingdom

fudlea jivitak porot meutaolo

I will meet you in next life

purem korem amchem sopon

to fulfill our dreams

fudlea jivitak porot eutolom

I will come back in next life

sasnak ravonk tujea taheim

to live with you for eternity


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