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Goa, Velrose Pereira

Goa,  Velrose Pereira

A fun and frolic, Goan Konkani love song dedicated to our Land - Goa, Velrose Pereira by Velrose Pereira and Alison Gonsalves

When the ole patriots ride out into sunset and halt for one last time to glance at their land and hear the echoes of the young ones and their love for the land , they know they can tip their hats, and ride out into teh sunset credit to : Velrose Pereira , vid will load in few secs.


vodlee sopna sopnauen

dreaming big dreams

tuka adeus kortam

I say goodbye to you

pordassan pautoch tuka sodta

when I reach abroad I search for you

sogli rath tujich sopna sopnathem

all night I dream of you

kedna pautalem mhunne axeun ravtam

when will i reach, I crave hopefully

tuka soddun vaitoch tuzo valor kovlo

After leaving you, I know your value

koro mog kitem tuven dakoilo

true love, you have shown the path

kedanch sandunnk nah tuzo ugddas dorla

I never left you, your memories I have treasured


no matter where i go, there is no place compares to you

2) ye ye goa goa hey goa goa wo goa goa

goa goa hey goa goa wo goa goa

mogan sikoilo, gopan vadoilo

you taught us lovingly, we grew in your embrace

kedan nah kainch unah nah tuvem kelleam

you always fulfilled our every needs

amche moga passot kostoi sunsslea

for our love sake you suffered too

zedna tahen gopan korun chintaliem

tuji suopai amche girestakai

Your beauty is our wealth

ami burgim tuji apurbhai

we are your loving children

sonvsar tahn baunvlem

we roamed through the world

korem Ghor tum

Its true you are, our home



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