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Fatimache Saibinni - Blessed Mother of Fatima

Fatimache Saibinni

Fatimache Saibinni ( Our lady of Fatima} another version of this popular Konkani hymn and melodious rendition of the Hymn singer: Sheena Fernandes

credit : : St.Alex Parish, Curtorim.


Ankvar Marie-xim ieiat,

Come to Blessed Virgin Mary

bhanddar kurpechem gheiat

Receive the treasure of graces

nixkollonk Mari Mata

Chaste Blessed Mother Mary

Fatimak voir thaun denvta

In Fatima, She descends from above



Aik Fatimache Saibinni,

Listen Our Lady Of Fatima

za tum amchi xeratinni

Be our intercessor

di soglleank sukha-jinni,

Give everyone peaceful existence

magtanv ami sorv pranni.

we pray all the living

suria tuka man dita

The Sun honors you

mollbar soglloch tho nachta

In the sky it dances

Sonvsarak porgott korta

and proclaims to the world

tum Ranni Mhonn pacharta

and salute you as the Queen.


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