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Ekvott Menn Machine band


Ekvott Union, an original composition by Goan band Menn machine.

a wedding special for Cast: Eddie and Viona

credit to: Kenny D'souza

snippets of lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


padrigaran hatik hat dhorun bhitor khadtana

Priest ushered us in the church hand in hand

sogllo dobazzo upraslo ubbo choltana

the celebration was emanated as we walked down the aisle

Bhettechir mukar doganicho lugar

In front of the altar, our places reserved

deva mukar ubbi ravlim adkod nastana

we remained standing in front of God without any encumbrance

dis rath soriani hath dieun amkam urbi mogachi

day and night our neighbors showered us with their love

thane bessaon amcher utoili sukachi

their blessing were on for peace and happiness

tazhea utrani kanner sadoeli mogachi

.. ektain korea sukachi

to unite us in happiness


jurament dillo altarar vello

we placed our vows in front of the altar

Devan dogaincho ekvott kello

God united us together

jurament dillo altarar vello

Devan dogaincho ekvott kello

tuka.. vegant hanv gettan yea disakh

I am taking you in my arms on this day

nittol mog korunk, shitol dis sarua sangatan

with innocent love , lets spend peaceful days together

jivit hem amchem hat hat gallun sourea

this life of ours let's walk together hand in hand

sonvsar soro thor ekvottan ravea

till the end of this world, lets remain together


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