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Eksurpon (Loneliness)


Eksurpon, A heart rending songs of loneliness, of tears aching for her husband and for him to come back home after absence of over 2 years, the wife awaits credit to Moonbyte studio ,cast: Debbie Fernandes

Eksurpon vocalist : Ethel

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Kedna tu ghara eaitolo Hanv tuji vatt polevun ravtam

when will you reach home, I am waiting for your footsteps

Tuzo ugdass korun roddta

thoughts of you bring me tears

Punn dukha Mhojem Hanv lipoita

but I hide my pain

Khoiche vellar tu eaitoloi

hoping someday you will return

Mhun mhakach Hanv fottoitanv

I fool myself

Soglech assa punn Hanv bhik magtanv

I have everything but still I beg

Tujea mogak Hanv axeta

I ache for your love

O Moga yo mojhea gopant Khorem khor ei mojhea sopon

My love come in my embrace and fulfill my dreams

Axeli Hanv pollovonk tuka Tujech vinnea nidh poddun na mhaka

I desire to see you without you I do not get sleep

Begin eaio tuka pollounk axeta

come hurry, I ache to see you again

Tujo rupkar visrot mhun bhieta

I fear I may forget your sight

Tujo foto polleun dis Hanv sarta

gazing at your picture I spend my day

Eka fatra porim Jivit jiyetam Tuvem bhorla mhaka bhangaran

I live my life like a stone, You have filled me with Gold

Punn konnuch na hea gharant

but there is no in the house

Zale don vorsa anik dis bhara Kaklut Mhojem kor vegich yo ghara

Its almost 2 years and 12 days , have some pity and come home soon.


Sodanch visvaxi Tukach ravli Mogachi sopna sambalun dhovorli

always remained faithful to you, I kept close the dreams of love

Tujea mogak Hanv axeta Dis rat fokot Hanv tujem chinta

your love I ache for, day and night I think of you.

Upkar korun mhojea gopant tu yo

I beg of you to come in my arms

Tuka ghot dorunk Hanv ravtam

to hold you tight I await

Anik kitlo mhaka sotaita harass me anymore

do not harass me anymore

Begin yo tuji bail ravta

Come hurry, your wife awaits



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