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Ek Ek Dis (every day) Mark Revlon

Ek Ek Dis

Ek Ek Dis ( every day) the joy of the parents as they

find fulfillment of their love in the new born, the continuum of life. Vocalist: Mark Revlon

Credit: Mark Revlon

lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.



ek ek dis

day after day

ek ek ghodi

hour after hour

ravea ami tuka polluen

we'll reman watching you

ailoi tum amchea jivitan

you came into our lives

ek angea khoso sorgar vellian

like an angel from heaven above

rochlo tuka Deva Bapan

Heavenly Father created you

dadun dillo amchea jivitan

and sent you in our lives

vadoiteli tuka mogan

we'll raise you up in love

sukh dittolim ravonk ekvaottan

We'll give you happiness living as One.

tujea sangatak ami kevetellim

in your company we'll play

apurbain sambautelin

and with affection we'll guard you



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