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Dukham Golloitam (Shedding tears)

Dukham Golloitam

Dukham Golloitam (shedding tears) an highly emotional song from a wife who has been betrayed by her husband, who was previously married and a cheat but instead of venting anger, revenge and retribution, It is better advised to offer forgiveness and trust in our Lord Jesus. Vocalist : Cielda Pereira

Cast: Elaine Pinto Frenzie Vito Rodrigues, Credit: HLI Goa, IN

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


boro ho burgho muhnnon, soirik hevun zalli Khazar

As he was good man, I accepted his proposal and we married

Maim Pai besanv dittana dukhanne tanchi zaina naslim khabar

My mom and dad while giving their blessings, cried unceasingly

Mogan tuka vadoillam, dhuve kor tum tuzo sonvsar

We brought you up in a loving environment now its for you to make your future

Ghovak visvaxi rau tum vatt borem magun khoxin pavlaam mar

be true to your husband and pray for blessings and your steps be positive

logne zallear uprant tum bottear gallolo

after you got married you departed on the ship

Dis ani dis phonue kori rupkar khalzzan chaplolo

everyday he would call me and his visage nestled in my heart

tum Khalzzachi Rani oxen maka mhuntallo

he would tell me, that you're the Queen of my heart

chodd temp gomank nah khallzak eia dhokko dillo

It wasn't too long before my heart received a blow

aiz dah vorsem bogta amchea lognink ekvottak

today ten years have passed by, of our marriage bond

phone tuzo aeit mhunn dolleani tel gallun hanv phonk ravtam

a phone call from you, I am patiently with eyes well oiled

koddeleacher bosun dukhan mhoje golloitan

sitting on rocking chair I am shedding tears

bhurgim upashi needleanv tanchean hem dukh sosunk zaina

the kids are hungry, their pain i cannot bear

facebook ugddun pollearer khalzzak toploloe ballo

checking the Facebook my heart was pierced with an arrow

hanv eklech famile nui tum Donn Bailancho

we are not your only family, you have two wives

london tuka bhurgim assa tuem bappui tancho

In London you've kids and you're their Father

Mhujim bhurgim em rodta, daddy dusreancho zallo

My kids are crying, Daddy is someone else's now

Mai pai maka vissacharta Dhuve tuka kitem zallam

my Mom and Dad ask me, what has happened to you

tuzem tuka poddunk nah kiteank chintaai sarkam bhagone gellem

you're not concerned about your well being, you have become thin.

zevon khoxen ruchtalem chintnaini pissam kellan

how will have taste for food, I have gone crazy with worries(thoughts)

khazari jivit mhojem tacher tuffanan sampodlam

My married life is caught in a storm

bhoinnai marta ullo, aikon gaite ho tallo

sisters I am calling out to you'll, please listen to me

divorce dhivunk o bhai zaito log budh dittolo

to file for divorce many will tell advise

rag tuzo nivunk soitani lagim soddtolo

to lessen the bitterness, you will seek the Evil One

bhogsana divunk go bhai Jezu sangat zattolo

to offer forgiveness dear, Lord Jesus will be close

hanvui tacher patheatan Jesus sangat mhujo * 2


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