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Bom Jezuchea Konventan

Bom Jezuchea Konvetan

Bom Jezuchea Konvetan ( Basilica of Bom Jesus) wherein a couple's vow made was never honored and was soon forgotten. Original Composer: Chris Perry Singer: Mohammad Rafi

Vocals: Omar De Loiola Pereira, Nadia Rebelo

Credit: Sounds from Goa/ Entre Nos

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Bom Jezuchea konventan,

In the convent of Bom Jesus

Utor dilem juramentan,...*2

I had given my Vows in words

Ragachi torsad gheun athan,

With dagger of anger

Modench ubo raulo soitan.

stood in the middle, the enemy


Mog amcho bhettlo,

Our love was hallowed

Kallzak uzo pettlo,

and our hearts inflamed

Tujea papan abghat ghetlo.......*2

But your Dad betrayed

Uzvadd ghatlo neketrani,

the star lit the night

Uloilim mogall utrani,......*2

we spoke the words of Love

Kallzam bandlim tin letrani,

We tied our hearts with letters

Zaddar buroun go fatrani.

writing on the trees with stones


Mogan kallzak pettla uzo,

heart is inflamed with love

Konnaichean to palounk nezo......*2

nobody can douse it

Dolleanim rupkar khellta tuzo,

in my eyes simmers your visage

Visorleim tum ugddas mozo.

you forgot my memory



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