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Bhienaka Jezu Astana (fear not, Jesus is with us)

A konkani hymn of comfort and to soothe the fears in times of troubles.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will not desert you, He will always be close to you.

credit to cast/ singers : Wilma Fernandes Ashliff Correia, Antonette de Maina

.Suryacho kupani liplo

Dhoria marlo varro

The ocean has cast her wind

Tuffanan jiv sampodlo

In the storm was entangled my life

Bhieon kello ullo akantant Jezu paulo

In troubles, in fear I cried and Our Lord Jesus reached out

Refrain :

Bhienaka jezu asthana

Do not fear , when Lord Jesus is with us

Sukhan dukhan sangat tho ditta

In peace and in pain He will give you company

Ixxt mhojo kitlo boro

How good is my friend

Dushro nah tachea oslo

There is no one like Him

Rodtaliam gottai dieun

He comforts those in grief

Piddiun bokta ..

Sick he heals

Kitlo amcho mogu kello

How much he loved us

Amchea passot kurshar melo

For our sake he died on the cross

Kurshar than piddi makdo


Bhienaka Jezu Astana


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