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Bavli dista Mennachi/ Bizlecho pavor

Bavli dista Mennachi

Bavli dista Mennachi/ Bizlecho pavor, One of the classic and fun duet of the legends Alfred & Rita Rose. duet and the music is so infectious and dear to lift up your spirits. A enchanting vid presentation and credit: John Nats Production team

Lyrics with english translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.



He :Bavli dista mennachi, nodor tujea dolleanchi, bizlecho pavor

you look like waxen doll , the gaze from your eyes are like lightning strike

Sobai tujea poleamchi, sobitai amboleanchi

the beauty of your cheeks, are like lovely lilies

she:Tunch Mozo kunvor

Only you are my Prince

Nodor tujea dolleanchi, bizli mojea kallzachi mogacho dunvor

the gaze from your eyes, lights up my heart, and loves smoke

He: Dongor bhorla dolleanim, mog rigoila kallzanim, tunch moji sanvor

my eyes is filled with mountains, and love has engraved in my heart , only you are my magpie


she: Tuje vinnem ravom nezo, eksurponnui sonxi nezo

without you I cannot live, I cannot suffer this loneliness

He: Tum bai mojem hanvui tuzo

You are mine and I am yours

Both: Gopan dhorun paloi mogacho uzo!

In each others arms we'll quench the fires of love


He: Sukhnim uddta zomeanim, bhagi bhorlea fullanim

the birds fly.. , the garden are full of flowers

She: Ful tum mogachem

you are my flower of love

He Xegunnachi tum ranni

you are chaste queen

She: Tum hea kallzacho dhoni, neketr sorginchem

you are my hearts lord, heaven's star

He: Ah! Sorgar maka pavoitai, gopant dorun khevoitai, mannik kallzachem

Ah! you reach me to heaven, you play me in your arms, hearts emerald

She: Kalliz tukach bhettoilam, mogan neketr pettoilam

dedicate my heart to you, in love lit up the star

He Sukh fuddarachem

my future peace




She: Sambav maka fottoixi, dukhan maka buddoixi

be careful don't fool me, drown in my tears

He: Nam buddovcho nam

Never will not let you drown

She: Rupem maka dakhoixi, bhangar mhunnon fottoixi

you may show me silver instead fool me its gold

he: Toxem korcho nam

I will never do that

He: Ah Mog kallzan rigla bitor, yet pasun khoimcho dotor,

Ah! love has nestled in the heart, and there is no doctor

kallunk zanvcho nam, bandlear passun dhoranim

could ever remove it, tie me and it will loosen

marlear pasun taranim

even if whip with cane

Both: Tuka soddcho/soddchim nam

I will never leave you





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