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Ami Bhurgim Supurlim

Ami Bhurgim Supurlim

Ami Bhurgim Supurlim (we are little children) Mathew 18:3 "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

Vocalist & Credit: Voller D'Costa .

hymn Lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Ami bhurgim supurlim

We are little Children

Jesu amcho mog korta

Lord Jesus loves us

Amcher to hat dovorta

His arms around us

Amkam vengent to gheta

He holds in His embrace


Jezu amchea, tuje sorxem

Our Lord Jesus,to be with you

Dhanvun-dhanvun ami eitanv

we come running (hasten) to you

Tujem besanv amkam magtanv

your blessings we seek

Tuje vengent ami liptanv

In your embrace we hide

Amche sarko bhurgo zaun

to be a child just like us

Jezu denvlo sorgar thaun

Lord Jesus descended from heaven

amkam Aplea Bapachim

to make us to His Father

korcheank bhurgim mogachim

a loving children

Jezu amchea tuje sorxem

Lord Jesus in your presence


Jezu amchi rakhon kor

Lord Jesus guard us

sodanch amcher hat dovor

Always place your arms around us

Tuje sarkim amkam kor

make us like you

Tuje bori sorgar vhor

take us with you to heaven



Tuje vengent ami liptanv

In your embrace hide us

Tuje vengent ami liptanv


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