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Amerikak pauxi (reach America)

Amerikak pauxi

Amerikak Pauxi (reach America) a fun tease, vibe song. A Goan Classic originally sung by Lorna Cordeiro Vocalist: Mafilda Fernandes

Credit: Avaz Goans Live

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


Hello.... How are you?...You love me?

Pollounk distai boro, asai mure goro,

you are handsome, and fair

Mozo mog aslear khoro, matxe yeo re aro

if you really love me , let me feel the air

Are sogllem galun poro, hem kalliz mojem tuka voro

Man, with all ....................You can take my heart

Tuka loz dista....hahahahahaha

you're feeling shy...hahahahhaha

Lozonakai sang re maka nanv tujem kitem poi tem

Don't feel shy, tell me what's your name?

Bienakai duddvam pasot, bhangar assa zaitem,

Do not be afraid because of money, I have lots of gold

Despez tuka kaim aschonam, soglem meutolem aitem,

You'll will not have any expenses, you will everything free

Aichean mojem kalliz voron, ord'deak tujea lai tem.

From now on take my heart and stick it to your heart

Dant dakoitai arxe, dolle tuje garxe

You are displaying your shiny teeth, your eyes are blue

Kiteak kortai tirxe, voitai dista merxe,

why are you squinting, are you going to Merces

Tumi kens dovrun te vorxe, pollunk distat burxe

with your so hair long, you look seedy

Tuka rag ailo......hahahha

You are mad now....hahahahaha

Utor maka dhi re mozo asa zalear mogu,

Give me the word, if you love me

Thond kiteak kaiem kelam aila mista ragu,

why you make sour face, seems like you're mad

Moje osli okol mevonk zaiem tuka bagu,

You'll find it difficult to find a wife like me

Kiteak re martai bestech bailam bhaxen lagu.

Why are you fussing like a woman

Borea bhaxen rauxi, bangarache laddu khauxi,

if you live fine, and eat the golden ladoos

Dusri okol gauxi, maka sandun pouxi,

if you get a another wife, and leave me

Arey kazar mojea lagim zauxi, Amerikak pauxi.

hey and marry me, and reach America



Don moje lagim motor assa, tantun ami bonvchim,

I have two cars, and we'll drive around together

Gharant ami randchim nhoim re, hotelanim jeuchim,

we'll not cook at home but eat in a hotel

Swimming poolant udki marun, udok ami nauchim,

We'll dive into the swimming pool and bathe

Anga ami rauchim nhoim re, moonant vocon rauchim.

We'll not live here but on the moon


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