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Ambyachea Pondha (under the mango tree)

Ambyachea Pondha

Ambyachea Pondha ( under the mango tree) the

familiar ubiquitous mango tree that nurtured us during the hot balmy summer vacation in Goa. Under its shade love too has blossomed, made famous by Chris Perry ( (Zadd tem Ambyachem). this love song highlights the same theme, of love that blossomed under the mango tree. Cast:- Razor Ramon Fernandes/Flaressa Sweezal Fernandes Credit: Razor Production.

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Khoroch mog ekuch pavt zata

true love just happens once

Voi toh mog mhaka tujo gho zala

yes, its has happened to me in love with you

Havem tuka Bostana poilem

I saw while reclining

Mhaka tum murgottun haslem

you smiled at me shyly

Kalliz tuka bettoita

offer my heart to you

Tujea kallzak chepoita

leaning toward your heart

Kedinch tuka soddchona

I will never leave you

Khoroch havem mog kela

truly I loved you

Tuzoch havem to kela

you alone

Khorech sangtam kallzant thaun

truly I declare from my heart


Ambeyachea pondha

under the mango tree

Mog amcho petlo

love kindled

Ami dogui lhanuch Astana

when we two were little

Dadyn tuka sanglem

your told you

Sodd mhunn mhaka maglem

to leave me he coaxed you

Kedich tuvem sanddlo na mhaka

but you never left me

Oh moga asheta tuka

Oh my love I desire you

Oh moga ravta tuka

Oh love I am waiting for you

La la la la la

La la la la la

La la la la la

La la la la la

Oh mogaaaa tu zai mhaka

Oh my love I need you

O moga mhojea monan tu yetai

Oh my love you come in my mind

Hastana sundor tu distai

when you smile you look beautiful

Kalliz tuvem mhojem rongoilam

you have added color to my heart

Godd utranim mhaka hasoitai

We sweet words you make me smile

Sangatam tujea bhonvtolom

in your company I will wander

Khuxal tuka dortolom

I will keep you happy

Kedich tuka soddchona

I will never leave you

Kiteak loztai hastanam

why you smile shyly

Kushik mhojea Bostona

seated next to me

Hatt dorun murgott'tta

blush when you hold hands


Oh mogaaaa tu zai mhaka

Oh my love I need you



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