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Aikat Mozo Tavo ( Listen to my voice)

Aikat Mozo Tavo

Aikat Mozo tavo ( listen to My voice) the originally sung by Goa's Nightingale Lorna Cordeiro,

lyrics: Gabru Gomes Music Composer: Ronni Monserrate.

Melodious cover: Nazia Fernandes.

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Jivitan, bavtto ublo ek kavo,

in life I waved its flag all alone

Devan nirmilam zalear, sukh dukh zata tem favo,

If God has willed we have to bear the joy and sorrows

Devacher ami visvass dovrunk zavo,

In God we have to place our trust

Avaz mozo kanar tumchea saddounk ixttani ravo,

my voice my friends will hopefully remain in your ears

Portun aikat mozo tavo,

and listen to my voice once again.

Noxibacher, anvem korunk nam tho xinn,

for my fate, I had no gripe

Devachi khoxi tum kor, Devan dilea amkam jinn,

We have to do His will, for He is giver of Life for us

Farikponn, tuje chukichem tem rinn,

retribution, it is debt for the mistakes made

Ugddass dovor, kaim zai nezo, rochnara Deva vinn

always remember, nothing can transpire without God, the Creator

Jivit di tache athinn.

leave your life in His hand

Mottlobi, sonvsar ixtta chotur rav

Opportunistic, this world my friend be careful

Dusmankai pois korun, peleak gorjek akantak pav,

banish enmity, and reach out for those in need

Moi mogan, sogleam thaim moipaxi zav,

with love and kindness, be dear to all

Kedinch ixtta, darunaye kallzak ghali naka ghav,

Never ever be cruel and wound anyone heart

Sasnnak urteli mav.

scars of this wound remain forever


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