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Saad Tugelo

Saad Tugelo audition by Gautami Naik

Our cute Goan hindu gal with her charming gestures.

Our native tongue in pristine accent.

We like our diversity.He made roses and lilies

for a reason, so we don't die of monotony and

boredom. and yet we've the commies, the leftistt and the fanatics who would rather morph us

into drab box of nails denuding us of our art,culture, tradition, our distinctive heritages and

ethos which the arc of history has evolved andbestowed upon us.and yes, freedom to choose

newer strands for posterity, never in servile bondage to the past. ch: Dorea dishunk nah, maka lahar melunk nah I did not see the Sea, did not get the wave(tide) maka eucheak asleah tuzeh kudhi, maka vhat samjhea nah. I want to come to you , but i did not know the way.

--- Happy Diwali( festival of lights) to my hindu brethren.

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