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Sopnatli Rani Goan Konkani love song

Sopnatli Rani

Sopnatli Rani ( queen of my dream) she looks like a goddess from the temple its like the dream you've had, you cling to it, wish it to continue and then you wake up .. still feeling but sad and melancholy it was just a dream

Vocalist : Ashley Rodrigues credit to Jedd Vann Music


Ch: Pollunkh diso devi mondirantli

She looks like a goddess from the temple,

Surophai diamath somdirantli

Glows like diamonds, from the Sea

Sarkich ti sundori patovantli Rani ti sopnatli

She's a true beauty from heaven, the queen of my dreams

:Rathchem yeun, sopnant meun Bovtha tukha hav, veller geun

She comes to me in my dream and leads me to the shore.

Rath borh raun, veta povon Sodta tuka hav zago zaun

She is with me all night and then disappears and search for when I awaken

Sopne di maka, uzvad naka rath ti ratuch raun

Let my dream continue, do not crave for daylight and hope the night remain, '

Suria rav lipon, purem zai sor sopon kiteak yetai davon

O' sun please hide, do not disturb me till my dream is over

Sodith tori, amchem pori Meuchena, foun sori

If I search for you in real life, I will not find you anywhere.

Utor dita, negar veta Mogia ti nou khori

Some lovers don't keep their word

She: Doxim zait rokdi Zav zogdim ek na ek dis tori

We may break up , As we may fight someday,

Khoria jivitan, maka meunaka, sopnant meular bori

in real life let us not meet, but only in your dreams

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