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Xezari (neighbors) Sanio

Xezari  (neighbors) Sanio

Xezari (neighbors), A lengthy song in konkani of exhortations, for his brother who has drifted apart because of greed of properties.

this has been the bane of our society, the property disputes. although, there are laws in the book, Our clergy has to get involved and sort this common issue among us Credit: Sanio and his team

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Hanv sezari tuzo, tum sezari mhozo,

I am your neighbor and so are you to me

tujea ghorak tenkon mhojem ghor

my house is adjacent to yours Tujem ghor betheachem,

your house is of bricks

mhojem ghor matheachem,

my house is of mud

don ghoram modem assa ontor

between two houses there is difference Koslem kizil zait tor, tujea mojea bitor,

If there is any quarrel between us

tum mhunntai maka dakoitam bhair sor

you say You will show me, come outside Rokddoch bhurgeank apoitai,

immediately you call the kids

vankddo rosto dakoitai,

you teach them the wrong path

bhurge ghoracher martat fator

the kids throw stones

Bhav-Bhav zatoch kazari,

once the brothers get married

khaxea bhav zatat sezari

true brothers turn into neighbors Ankwar astanam, kizil nastanam,

when there single, there were no quarrels

bhav-bhav mogan dis sari

brothers spent their days caring for each other Kazar zaun bailank gharan addtori,

once married and with their wives inside

bailamchi gharant dadagiri

the lady's rule the house Bailamchem aikon, bhav-bhav zogddon,

listening to their wives, the brothers now fight

dis-rath gharant maramari

day and night there are fights

Bhav-bhavak khendtat,

voi dusmankai vaddta, kiteak lagon konn sangot

and their enmity grows, for no reason Khaxea bhav rogtache, man eka-mekache,

true blood brothers, of same mind

zolm dil’le avoik kitem bogot

what will the birth Mom suffer Kagdam vantunk bhattachim,

papers to divide the properties

zoggdim bhav-bhavachim, gharant suseg nam ekai vogot

the fights between the brothers, there is no peace in the house for a minute Dogain bitorlo,Eklo morot tor, roddtat mhunnon ekuch rogot.

if one of the brothers die, the tears shed for the same blood

Rogot kedinch doxim zainam,

the blood never separates

favo nam tem amkam mevona

whatever we entitled for we do not achieve Sonvsarant ietanv, thoddoch temp ravtanv,

we come in this world and live for a short time

ietanam ami kaim ek addinam

when we come, we do not bring anything Assa zaitem torui tem pavonam,

we may have plenty, but it does not satisfy

porte vetanam kainch ek voronam

when we depart, we can't take anything with us Lobddon axek, tum sampoddta bhaxek,

axek lobddon bhav-bhavak voulkonam

because of greed, the brothers don't recognize each other

Tum axek lobdoxi, bhavponn visorxi,

you ensnared by greed and forget brotherhood

mhunnim hi purvozamchi

saying of our ancestors Girest gorib rochnna, Devan vegli rochunk nam,

rich, poor creatures, God did not create them separately

sogllich rochna ekach Devachi

All creatures are from One God Bhattam-bensam giriestkai, kobar kortai sovostkai,

fields and properties riches finishes any peace

sonvsarantli girestkai don disanchi

our wordily wealth of few days Girestkai mhunnche bhava, rogott zannam zava,

true wealth is our, blood please understand

ath-paim girestkai zonn ekleachi

hand and feet riches of each one

Girestkaiek lobddon bhava, tujem kalliz korinakai nibor

lost in greed, brother do not harden your heart Ekvott khoro, assot boro, ekvottan assonk kedem vhodlem vor

If our unity is true and is good, to remain together is a great blessing Sodanch ekvottan ravonk fuddem sor, toddinakai tum ekvottachem dor

always remain united going forward, do not break the bond knot Ami mortokoch, ho sonvsar soddtokoch, ximiter amchem ekvottachem ghor

when we die and leave this world , the Cemetery will be our home together Ami mortokoch, ho sonvsar soddtokoch, ximiter amchem ekvottachem ghor


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