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Tuzoch Mog Kortolom (I will be loving you)

Tuzoch Mog  Kortolom

Tuzoch Mog Kortolom ,(I will be loving you alone) A new era song and music aligned with this age of the Millennials credit to Alison Gonsalves and his team. lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Zaitoch temp hanv moga

for a long time, my love Ravlom korunk tuka mhojem

waited to make you mine Raat dis ek haven kele

day and night became like one Divunk tuka sukh sonvsarachem

to give you happiness in the world Khoxechem marlam amcher varem

breeze of happiness has blown our way

Aichea disa thaun tu zata fokot mhojem

for now on, you will be mine alone.


3) Sodanch hanv Tuzoch Mog Kortolom

I will be loving you always Jivit hem tujea sangata sartolom

my life I will be spending with you Mogachem ani visvasachem hem utor

with love and trust in our vows Sovsar sompo porian hanv dhortholom

till the end of the world , I will honor

Tujench rup yeta mojea

your vision comes to me Dolleam mhukar sogleach vellar

before my eyes everytime Chintun hem hanv ojaptam

I ponder in amazement Koshem mevlem mhunnon tu mhaka

how did you became mine Korench kai vo hanv sopneta Ghott vengent dhor ani khorunk mhaka

hold me tight to make me yours


Sontosan haven ghatli mudhi tujea bhotar

with happiness i placed the ring in your finger Anvdeta sarunk jivit tujeach sangatan

yearn to spend my life with you

Khoxechem marlam amcher varem

breezes of happiness have blown our way Aichea disa taun amka kainch na unnem

from today on your are mine and wanting nothing else



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