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Tunch Maka Zai(you're all I need)

Tunch Maka Zai

Vers 1.0 Band Renaissance

A Goan Wedding special and original from Goan Band Renaissance.

Credit to: Goan Band Renaissance for booking contact: 9823529822

breathtaking lyrics with English translation original lyrics By Swizzle D'Souza.

For Vers 2.0 Tunch Maka Zai By Feebex click the link below


Mog tujo hanv kortam

I am in love with you

Mogan tujhea hanv podllam

I fell in love with you

Soglle kodden tunch mhaka dista

Everywhere i see your vision.

Khuxalkaien tukam sodtam

with happiness i search for you

Dukhan Tukam polleunk Roddtam

with tears when I see you, I cry

Tujeruch Jiv mhozo sogllo dhorla

ON you I placed my life


Di Mhaka Sangath Dhor mhozo hath

Give me your intimacy, hold my hands

Tunch maka zai

You are all I need

Tuje Xivai dusro konn na

there is no one else beside you

Tum sukhachi baim Oooooooo

You are my well of happiness

Tunch mhojem sukh,

You're my happiness

kednach diunchem na tukam dukh

I will never cause you pain

Mhoje bagentlem sogllean vun sundor tum ful

In my garden amongst all, you're the most beautiful flower

Kalliz khoxen bhorlam mhojem

My heart is brimming with happiness

Sasnnak zalem Hanv tujem

I became yours eternally

Vichun kaddlem ful kantteantlem

I picked a flower from the thorns

Kalliz tukach bhettoilam

My heart i offer it to you

Moga utor kallzant Kantoilam

your loving words are inscribed in my heart

Fokot tujea mogak axelam

Its only Your love I desire



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