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Surya ani Chondrim..a wedding song

Surya ani Chondrim

Surya ani Chondrim the sun and the moon bear witness A love duet in konkani so graceful sung by the couple on their first wedding dance

credit to: Johnwel video



surya ani chondrim mogak amchea govai

Sun and moon bear witness to our love

zonnvar ani sukni fulam bhagetlim ditta sobia

the animals and birds and garden flowers shine their beauty

zaddem ani varro shitolkai ditta jivak

the tree and the breezes give our lives peace

Devan magni aikochim jivit melluen sagatam

God above may listen to our prayers for our lives together


tunch mhojem bhagetelm full

You alone are my flower from the garden

tujeach mogan zaalen gull

I am lost in love with you

rani mhujea jivetachi

the queen of my life

Raja hanv zaunk kobull.

I am ready to be your King.


surya ani chondrim mogak amchea govai



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