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Sotve Rati, on the seventh night

Sotve Rati

A gem of Goan Konkani wedding love song, originally composed by legendary Chris Perry which embodies God's will in our lives, as He pairs us up as couples, as written in the good book. Sotve Rati more lyrics/translation to follow, vid will load in few secs

credit here To Milton Fernandes


Sonvsarant zaitim chedde-cheddvam astelim

In this world there will lot of Boys and gitls

Amigam koxim, borobor bonvtelim

Like friends they will be together

Noxibant favo tim, eka-mekak meutelim

When fate has so willed, they will together meet

Devachem ubeube pormonnem kazar zaum pavtelim

To fulfill God's wishes, they will meet to marry


Devan mista Sotve ratrik, bukar boroilelem

God might have written on the seventh night in his book

Kazar ami zaunk amkam formailelem Konnachean voronk


For us to marry, He has so willed and no one can take it away from us

noxibant nirmilole Mogan ami sarchem, jivit urlelem

what fate has held for us, in love we will spend the remainder of our lives.

Altara mukar dimmer ami astana

when we kneeled before the altar

Kallzam morgotalim padri manual vachtanam

our hearts will beat, when the Priest reads the manual

Khoxen dukham goulim, mudi ti ghaltanam

With tears of joy, we will exchange the rings

Ekvott zalo mhunn gomlem dogaincho, teo gantto vaztanam

our union will be proclaimed with bells ringing in the church


Mai-Paichem ghor soddun aiz anv tumger ietam

Living my mom and dads house, I will enter yours

Urlelem jivit tukach anv bhettoitam

Remainder of my life I dedicate to you

Kallzachem dhar ugddun mog tuzo bitor ghetam

Opening my heart to you, I have welcome your love

Morosor tuka sanddchim nam mhun, jurament ditam

Till I die , I will never leave, I have taken my vows



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