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Sorgar Razeant ( heaven yonder)

Sorgar Razeant

Sorgar Razeant, A classic Goan konkani song of heartbreak

and false promises leaving the world behind and waiting for her love in heaven yonder original singer: Lorna Cordeiro

composer: Chris Perry singer: Nadia Rebello Credit : Sounds from Goa

lyrics with translation , vid will load in few secs


Nanv tujem bhitor rigoilam, kalzar khantun,

your name has been engraved in my heart

Utram tujim dovorleant monant guntun,

I have kept your words in my mind

Churchure moje kelenam, tunvem mathpun,

you had no pity on me, even a little

Atam choddfodtai kiteak tum roddtai mojem chintun

now you are in engulfed in grief, and cry thinking of me


Fugar tum zai naka, bestoch roddonaka,

to be overcome with grief, for no reason shed tears

Maka kelaim tho puro re, dusreak ghat korinaka,

the way you've treated me , do not betray someone else

Mojea passot uskenaka, Devan bogxilam mhaka,

do not worry about me, God has forgiven me

Sorgar rajeant assam re, fokot rautam tuka.

I am heavenly kingdom, just waiting for you

ru ru ru ru ru ru ru............................

Khursak utor dilolem, vatti pettoun,

we made promises in front of the cross, with candles lit

Rozar ami kelolem, upkar attoun,

we beseeched for favors

Mudi tunvem ghatleli, sobit nettoun,

you had put the ring, beautifully carved

Sanddun tum geloi, Kazarui zaloi maka fottoun.

You left me now, even married another deceiving me.


Chintunk naslelem anvem, zaitench bhoglem,

I never imagined, I would suffer so much

Dukhounk hea kallzak mhojea, koxem laglem,

to have pained my heart, how does it feel

Sanddum nakai mhunn mhaka, ath zoddun maglem,

do not leave me I begged you with folded hands

Lagon tea mogak, fuddo kelo sorgak, soddun soglem.

for love sake , i reached for heaven , leaving everything behind



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