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Poilem Kantar (my first song)

Poilem Kantar

Poilem Kantar, Has a lively sprightly beat/music to this song, His first love song, which has become popular with the new gen, the millennials who have transformed Goan music the song he dedicated to his love but has sad ending... credit : SRS Production Artist : Selwyn Soares Leading Cast : Milly Mascarenhas Vincia Soares


sokallim hanv utnam tujo ugddas yeata kalliz koxen bhorta

when I awaken in the morning , and your thoughts linger, my heart fills with happiness

borem mhaka dista

I feel good

escloac davun yetam tuka hanv polletam

kushal kaen bhortam

sorgar assa distam

I run to school searching for you, filled with happiness

feel like in heaven

tor gho soddun tum gho mhaka oxem vochonaka

and do leave me in this state

kalliz mhojem mhuntta zai tum sangatan

my heart says , I need you for company

tujea vinnem ani konn maka naka

without you i do not want anyone else

kiteak tujea mogan hanv podleam

because I fallen in love with you

tor hem mhojem poilem kantar

the reason for my First song

tuka lagon bhoriatam mhojem polie kantar

for your sake I write this first song

mog tuza kortoloa sodankal

I will love you always

tor tuka lagon bhoroitam mhojem poilem kantar

for your sake I write this first song

hem mhojem poilem kantar

this is my first song

hem mhojem pilem kantar

this is my first song

punn tum gho hem somzonam

but why don't you understand

ki tuzo mog hanv niz kallzanthan kortam

that I love you truly from my heart

bhurgo hanv punn mhakai mog zala

I am still a boy but I too have feelings of love

punn tum gho hem somzonam

but why don't you understand

tor tum ghelem soddun mhaka kalkant

and why did you live in darkness

voi tum ghelem tachea sangatam

yes, you eloped in his company

tum aslem poilem mhojem jivitant

You were first in my life

tor soddun mhaka kiteak ghelem

so why did you leave me


voi poddlem.......

Yes I have fallen

tor aik gho hem cheddva

so listen to me girl

mog tuzo hanv kallzam thaun kortam

I love you from the depths of my heart

mhojem jivit hanvem tuka bhettoilam

my life I dedicate to you

tor soddun tum mhaka vochunaka

so please do leave me alone

tor aik gho cheddva hem

so listen to me girls

tum gho fokotuch mhaka mhunnllam

and you have said to me alone

ami dogai ek zanvium -ia

both of us let us be One

dhorun eka mekachea hatak

by holding each others hand


astolo sodanch tujea sangata

I will always remain in your company


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