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Pav Maie (help us, O Blessed Mother)

Pav Maie

A hymn that resonates with us since our childhood, dedicated to Our Blessed Mother

the Queen Of Heaven and Earth

Credit to: Singer : Benecia Colaco/ Music Arrangement : Concy Colaco

hymn lyrics with english translation, vid will load in few secs


Maie kaklutin ge bhorlole

\Mother full of clemency,

Ranniê tum sorga sonvsarache

Queen of heaven and earth,

sodanch amchea mogan lastole

keep us in your loving care,

sanddum naka, Maie mogache

do not forsake us, loving Mother!


Pav Maie, io Maie,

Help us Mother, come Oh mother,

ghe amkam Tujea gopant!

take us into Your embrace!

Tujem vismit, Maie, oronneant

Your wonder, Mother, in solitude,

dislem goribam gorvam-rakhnneank;

was seen by the poor shepherds;

uloilii tum vhodda khokhotean,

your words deeply impressed them,

sonvsar porkondta tujea disnneak.

the world admires your ways.

Kôr, Maie, tum amche churchure,

Have pity on us, Oh Mother,

bhagoi amcheam kallzanche anvdde,

satisfy the longing of our hearts,

pois kôr amchim vignam mirmire,

keep away from us temptations and sufferings,

tankunk xikoi sorginche panvdde.

teach us to climb up the stairs to heaven.


Kristanv ghorabeanchi Askarinn,

The protector of Christian homes,

sukham-dukhinchi tum Sangatinn!

our companion in happiness and sorrow!

Sonvsarant tujer amcho visvas,

Our hope in this world is in you,

sasnnak gê tuka amcho dhin´vas!

receive our eternal gratitude!


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