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Paulam Mogachim

Paulam Mogachim

Paulam Mogachim (footsteps of love), a melodious love ballad with our ancestral, vintage background.

intertwines with animated music

Cast: Ashburn Fernandes, Lisa Rodrigues, Rousseau Fernandes, Stelon Rego

Vocalist: Ashburn Fernandes, Credit : Ashburn Fernandes

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Poilench favtti poleun tuka

when I saw you for the first time

Don kallzan marlim uddna

two hearts skipped a beat

Thondar hanso jiv dhados

smiles on faces and happy feelings

Guspoulin chintnam

minds in turmoil

mogachinch tim sopna

with dreams of love

Dis to eit kai kedna

when the day will dawn

Ek ghoddi tuka poina tor

till we pair as one

Jivak mhojea tar na

there is no peace


Tu ani hanv

you and me

Hatan hat ghalun

with hands held

Altara mukhar Jurament diun

to make our vows in front of the altar


Tum mhojem hanv tuzo

you are mine and I am yours

Sangatin pavl marun

together with footsteps ahead



Sasnchea sasnak

till eternity

Tukach polleun ang mhojem

too gaze at your body

Marta shirshirem

steams with fire

Tukach moga hanv ravtanv

I am waiting for you alone

Sukh dukh vanttunk mhojem

to share the joys and sorrows

Tuzo hat hanv dhortam

holding your hands

kednach soddun diuncho nam

I will never let it loose

Tujeach vengent hanv ravtanv

in your embrace I will remain

Tujeach mogan lastanv

In your love I bask



Dimencher Devon,

on my knees

Dilem haven utor..

I gave you my word

Vhoi mhunnlem tunven

yes, you said it

jiv dhados zalo mhozo

you were happy

Tujeach hattint kalliz ditam

in your hand i place my heart

Tujea bogor mat mon na

with you there is no interest

Tukach hanv axeun ravtanv

only you I desire

Tum mhojench zaunk magtanv

I pray you will be mine






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