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Our Goan Culinary Delights

Our Goan Culinary Delights, Vast and varied, to nourish every yearning of our taste buds. Truly, A celebration in the Kitchen and quick glimpses, into various dishes that have spawned and been Our succor, which we've relished whole heartedly down the generations.

The names we're familiar with and resonates with our taste buds and some featured in the menus of the world. the list has vast assortment of dishes that glide through the vid, and evince memories of flavours that swirled around our buffet table. Credit : Celebration in my Kitchen.


1. Beef Croquettes


2. Goan beef patties

3. Potato Chops (Rissois de batata e carne picada)

4. Prawn Rissois

( Rissois De Camarao)

5. Pan rolls 6. Prawn puffs or patties 7. Chourico de Goa s 8. Pork Vindalho (Vindalho de Porco 9. Goan Pork Sorpotel 10. Pork Solantulem 11. Aad Maas (Meat bone curry) 12. Pork Balchao 13. Xacuti de Galinha (Chicken Xacuti) 14. Green Chicken curry 15. Chicken Cafreal ( Galinha Cafreal) 16.Gaon spicy beef Slices (fatias de Carne Picante) 16. Goan Tongue roast (lingua assad) 17. Goan white stew 18. Goan roast beef (Assado De RIfe) 19. Goan Breaded Steaks(Bifes empanados) 20. Apa de Camarao ( Prawn Cake) 21.Kingfish Molho 22. Goan Fish curry with raw mango 23. Tisreo sukhem 24. Stuffed Squids (lulas Recheadas) 25. Prawn Curry ( Caril de Camarao) 26. Green fish Gravy ( Molho de Peixe Verde) 27. Fish Cakes (fofos de Peixe) 28. Crab xec Xec 29. Caldinho de Peixe( Mild Fish Curry) 30. Ambot tik 31. Xinanneo (Mussels) 32. Molho de Piri Piri 33. Mixed bhaji- patoll & Sukhi Bhaji 34. tambdi bhaji 35. curry of white pumpkin 36. Steamed cabbage 37. Quick Pea Pulao 38. Tisreo or clam pulao 39. Arroz de Camarao 40. Arroz Com Coco



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