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Omor mog (love duet)

Omor mog

Omor Mog, a melodious love duet in konkani,

and heartfelt lyrics of vows and dedication to each other. and a spontaneous cast and their natural portrayal. credit : Knight & Day, Goa

Vocals: Carey Fernandes & Cielda Pereira Cast:: Melissa De Souza, Craig Ferrao

translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs



.. doganim niz mog ami kello

the two of us loved truly

tum mhojem ani hanv tuzo jurament dillo

you are mine and I am yours, we made our vows

chondriman kupen ringolio dogaincho mog amcho surru zallo

bathed in moonlit night, our love began

tum mhojo fullacho jello tuka samboitolom

you're my bouquets of flowers, I'll protect you

She Chorus

mhonne mhuje tujerach asllem

My mind was only on you

tum ani moga gunna borro

you with good virtues( character)

sat vorsam mogan asllim, mog mhojo tuevem kello koro

we were in love for seven years, you loved me truly

He Chorus

tum mhojem ani hanv tuzo mogacho pettla uzo

you're mine and I am yours, our love is inflamed

tujea vinnem mhojean ravunk nezo

without you I cannot live

mog amcho dogaincho soddankal ravon uro

the love of ours must always remain forever

mogacho mog kortolom hanv tuzo

I will be loving you


eka mekak.. visvaxi ravon boro gorabho ami korunchak

with trust in each other, we 'll build a good home

eka mekak respet mann devun jivit sarunea

with respect for each other, let spend our lives


amchea modan rochnar Dev assa, tezea hatant jiv gallunea

between us there is Our Creator, lets put our lives in his hand

viat borem ailer sangatan fuddo koruea

through troubles and joys we'll fight together

she ch

he ch


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