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Natalam Somarombhum-ia

 Natalam Somarombhum-ia

Natalam Somarombhum-ia ( lets celebrate Christmas) a melodious Konkani Christmas carol, from my hometown Village, Velim . exuding the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

Credit: Fr Ronaldo Fernandes and his lively Team( choir)

Hymn carol lyrics for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


bhurgim , tornatim, vadlollim

little children, youth and the aged

Gitan gaitoan natalchim

Are singing the Christmas song

talean ami vankattaum , bhav , bhoine ami Jezuchem

with our voices we sing our praises, brothers and sisters of Our Lord Jesus

noketre sogglea chea ghoranim

The stars on every house

uzvadd fankoutam sorboutanim

shed their light around

veta tuesor zogzogtta ghoram christi bavartachim

wherever we go shine the stars in homes of Christian faithful


Somia jezucho uzvadd gaivun

with the light of the Lord Jesus

javou iea uzvaddache diva

lets be the lighted lamp

xanthiche prokas koruen

xanthichea gavea narre

Moimachem gitam gavun

to sing glorious songs

divea mhoima deva

Lets give glory to God

balka Jezu noman korun

In adoration of our Baby Jesus

noman korea amchea raia

Lets honor our Infant King

Patlav ghara ami Jezucheim

with footsteps in Our Lords Kingdom

bhav bhoini eka makeachim

we are brothers and sisters of each other

Ghorib durbeak adar ditanv

for the poor and needy, be their help

zaun noketram uzvaddachim

lets shine like the Stars

niz dhusmankia sompouea

we'll end our enmity

bandun gharam ekvottachim

building our homes of togetherness

natalam ami somarombhumia

lets celebrate Christmas

koruen vakanni Dev Putachim

singing praises of Son of God

Dis vo aicho Natalancho

today is Christmas day

------ soggle Khusalkaicho

Joy to everyone

Dis vo aicho Jezu chea zolomon acho

todays is the day our Lord was born

---- amchea sorvondaracho

our savior

dis vo aicho kutumbacho

this is the day for family together

-----sangatam sarpacho

spend it together

dis vho aicho porbacho

today is the feast day

----- porbim divacho

to felicitate

dis vho aicho natalancho

today is the day of Christmas

--- kora khusalkae cho

of true happiness


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