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Mog Mozo Kortai (love me, show it)

Mog Mozo Kortai

A fast paced Konkani classic originally composed by Alfred Rose. If you love me, then let it out , Don't keep it in your heart and wither

sung by versatile singer Cielda Pereira, one of the stars that lights the music scene in Goa. Credit to Knight & Day, Goa.


Mog mozo kortai, mog mozo kortai,

You are loving me, you are loving me

Mog mozo kortai, kor.

Go ahead and love me more

Tum sodanch mojea pattlean etai kiteak?

You always follow me, why/

Tum fiunnim ghaltai, fiunnim ghaltai kiteak?

You whistle at me , whistle at me, why?

Dolle moddtai, dolle moddtai, dolle moddtai kiteak?

You wink at me, wink at me, wink at me, why?

Tum nokre, nokre, nokre kortai kiteak?

You fuss, fuss at me why?

Anv tuka zai, tor sang maka,

You want me, tell me?

Mog kallzannuch dovrinaka,

Don't keep your love in your heart

Papa soirik korunk sodta maka,

My Dad wants to arrange marriage for me

Magir Santam bhoktank bestench xinnonaka.

Later do not cry un necessarily

Tum mog mozo kortai, mog mozo kortai kor tor,

You love me, you love, then go ahead love me

Maka vengen dhorunk sodtai, vengen dhorunk sodtai dhor tor,

You want to hold me in your arms, hold me in your arms, then go ahead hold me

Chirddun murhddun jiv dadhoxi kor,

Love me hard,make me happy holding wild

Punn sang kazar zaun toyar assai tor?

But let me know if your are ready to marry.

Chodd vell korxi, fottoutoli,

Don't take a long time to decide or else you will be fooled

Avxi zaxi, tum fostoloi,

And then you will be loser

Tonddan bottam ghalunkuch urtoloi,

With fingers in your mouth, you will remain

Mogan piso zaun magir roste meztoloi.

Like a mad man lost in love,you will roam the streets

Mog mozo kortai, mog mozo kortai,

Love me , love me love me more

Mog mozo kortai korrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Love me, love me , go ahead then love me.


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