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Maria Kitlem Sobit tum Maria

Maria Kitlem Sobit

A more playful version of Maria, A konkani love song that exudes the beauty of Maria from a smitten lover Credit to Ashley Rodrigues and Karen Cardozo

Jedd Vanne Music Production

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


Maria….. Kitlem sobit tum Maria..

Maria how beautiful you are Maria

Maria, khorench ojeap


Voi tem makach goddlem Maria,


Maria, truly its astounding, yes it happened to me, Maria

poilench nodrek poddlem,

Kalliz mogan buddlem, Maria,

The first time I saw, My heart was drowned with love, Maria

Tho surya, porzollta ontrollar,Tossoch ansso tujea mukhamollar,

Like the sun shining in the heaven so is your laughter

Tuje vinnem sonvsarant hea kai nam,

without you in this world there is nothing

Tujea bogor mojean ravonk zainam,

without you I cannot live

Maria, kitlem sobit tum maria.

Maria, How beautiful is you maria

Maria mojea mogachem Maria

Maria, my loving Maria



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