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Mal Vordanacho

Mal Vordanacho

Mal Vordanacho (Our gifts as offerings) . An konkani offertory hymn, our sacrifice that God Yearns for, Hymn Vocalist : Elizabeth Carvalho Credit: Alvito Fernandes

Source: Gaionacho Jhelo

Hymn Lyrics with English translation.


Kelolem pik koxtti vavran

What we had grown with hard work,

ghaltanv, Bapa aichea disak

we are putting today, O Father,

amchea tattant osti-rupan.

on our paten, in the guise of a host.

Kaddlolo ros bhuichea follan

The grape juice which we have extracted,

ôt’tanv, Bapa, aichea disak,

we are taking, Father, for this day,

amchê kalxint sorea-rupan

in our chalice, in the form of wine.


Hoch mal, Dhonia, vordanancho

This bounty, Oh Lord , our gifts

anvddetai Tum bhettoilolo,

you desire as your offerings

hench zai sodam Tuka Bhettent

this You yearn daily in the sacrifice,

orpilolem Tujê rochnnen.

hard work of Your creation.

Vostu soglleô vixvantuleô

All things full of hope,

aichea disak vaddon vetleô

will be increasing this day.

jirun vetleô, morun vetleô;

They will be digested, they will die;

amchê vengent ektthai kortanv

We are gathering in our arms,

soglleô jeô az bodlun vetleô

all that will change this day,

ani Tuka, Dhonia, vôptanv.

and we offer to You, O Lord


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