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Kedna go kedna (when oh when)

Kedna go kedna

Kedna go kedna, A fast paced, energetic and popular Konkani love song, with a scenic backdrop. the lover awaits a response from her, either SMS or an email, he has no clue where she is? credit : Lynx Goan Band

lyrics with English translation below, vid will load in few secs.



:kedna Go Kedna

When oh When

Tuem bhai eitolem

when will you come by

Uskhan tujea , kalliz mhojem sukkon gho ghellem

Anxious and worried my heart has gone numb

4)Moga tuem ai ai ani gopant maka ghe

My love come and hold me in your embrace

kitlo temp ghelo punn hanv azhun ravtanh tukha

A long time has gone by and still I am waiting for you

Deuche Zannah tuem kiteak maka gho sotiata

God alone knows why you keep me in suspense

Dis ani rath fokot tuzeach ugdas maka aita

day and night, my thoughts only for you

Ek thori phone korna zallear sms dadhe gho maka

If you do not call me , at least send me an SMS


tuem kiun assa kitem korta kainch maka kobor nah..

I have no clue where are you and what are you up to

utor maka dhiun gellem, mhojo usko tuka nah

You gave me your vow, but you have no concern for me

tuzo vodd setiment zalla gho makha

I am completely in sentiment or distressed about you

ek tori chitt boroi na zallear, email dadhe gho maka

if you don't feel like a letter, at least send me an email



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