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Hanv tujem tum Mhojo love ballad

A soulful ballad of love and faithfullness in the midst of storms

Its a popular wedding song now,.Credit to Wilma Lopes

Utor hanvem tuka dilham,

I gave you my vows

Deva mukhar jurar zalla

In presence of Goa we vowed

Hatat hat diun dogaini ami paul marla,

Holding our hands we tied the knot

Sopon amchem purem kelam.

Our dreams came true


Hanv tujem, tum mhozo,

I am your and your are mine

Dogaim moro porian,

Till death do us part

Soddchinam tuzo sangat,

Always your company

Kedem ailear tufan,

Howsoever big the strorms

Mog amcho feliz zaunk,

Our love fills us with happiness

Hanv magtam rozarant,

I beseech in my prayers

Besanv amcher ghalchem Devan.

God may bless our love

Sodankal mogan bhonvchim,

Always lets walk in love

Sangatan jivit sarchim,

Together lets spend our lives

Devan dil’lim bhurgim ami mogan vaddounchim,

The children, God has given us, let us grow them in love

Follam amchea ekvottachim.

The fruits of our union


Fuddarachem ami bandlem ghor,

Our future house we have built

Tujea sangatak mhakai vhor,

Take me together with you

Kosle koxtt tras amchea jivitant yeit tor,

Whatever trials, hardships come our way

Sambauchim ami dilolem utor.

Let us honor our vows, we made.


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