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Hand'dio Ganxing (Learning English the fun way),

Hand'dio Ganxing

Those of us who grew up on native language, growing up, learning English language wasn't easy for us. We used to mix up with our native language till we were Fluent in English ……… This song exemplifies the journey in a fun and humorous way

Singer : Kerryann Valerie Albuquerque Actors : Kevin Tyron Albuquerque /Kerryann Albuquerque Ashley D'Gama/Griffen Pereira credit to The WonderTwozz

Learning English the fun way, Hand'dio Ganxing (rubbing the Utensils)

here it goes ..


Very nice dress I telling..

Punn Hanv Bungloant hanv service Koring

But I work to clean this Bunglow.

Soglle medte tha market thant le

Every one I meet in the market

Mhojea Mogan puddon sodding

Want to fall in love with me

Punne they Bazzarran.., baban chimta korunk trying

In the market the guys try to pinch me

Punne I am very Koddok , don't care for Nobody, tambdem English Gashing

But I am very strict , don’t care for anybody…red English I polish.


Soggle Cheddah Phewneo gallun Calling

All the Boys whistle to call me.

Punne Hanve respect , mrs no talking , Khuznant Hanve Handeo gashing

But I keep my self respect, instead I polish those utensils in the kitchen.

My Hippity Trippity Johnny

.. Soddanch sanzecho tho bhaggeant maka taking

Always in the evening he takes me to the garden

Ani laddo , bhojas maka giving

And he feeds me with Laddos and Bhajas

Dogui tankon ami bankar boshing

We sit close on the bench

Thedna matshe hanve thaka hanve lozing

Then I feel very shy

Mhojea tambe Otanche shapta tajhea polleach shappping

My red lips I kiss I imprint him on the cheeks

Mhojjea Johnny Johnny soddanch Bungleant He is coming

My Johnny always comes to the Bunglow to visit.

…. Johnny maka english sinkoi

johnny teach me English …..

Uprant Khuznant sigde pattoan thaka pudding giving

Then I warm the stove and feed him with pudding ….


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