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Ghara levunk Zai (have to come home)

Ghara Ievunk Zai

Ghara levunk Zai (have to come home) A poignant song

dedicated o all the Seafarers, we all have had a family member who has made hard living by the sea for the sake of his family. Fritz love deserves all the credit to brings out the raw emotions of their waiting on the high seas to see their families someday. credit: Fritz Love

snippets of lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs


doriacher marta tim lharam

in the Ocean the waves swirl

dolliantlam golta tim dukham

from my eyes tears roll

Nnove munnhe talwar kham korun

nine months since I am working at Sea

ashetam hanv vocchun

I am aching to go

khalliz eim pormolta leunk ghara

the heart is craving to come home

potak lagun aiz hanv assa tarwar

for the sake of family needs I am at Sea

baille bhurgeank sodanch hanv magtam rozzaran

for my wife and children I always pray for them

avoi bapaecho mog kallzan ravta ghallun tell dolliank

love for mom and dad remains in the heart and awaits patiently

Kedna pautalo mhunne hanv gharak

when will I reach home


Deva dhi mhaka tuzo adhar, eia tuffanak fuddo korcheak

God give me your help to battle this storm to battle this

tintum mhaka bolladik bhorvo soniar vellar ghara paucheak


ugdass eaita maka ugdass eaita

I am reminiscing , I am reminiscing

ghara eaunk hanv achetam

to reach home I desire

maka ugdass eaita tumcho ugdass eaita

I am reminiscing, I am reminiscing about you'll

ghara eaunk hanv achetam

to reach home I desire

mainchem hatantle zevonk rautam

waiting to eat Mom's food

paichai sangatam ulloink sodtam

wish to chat with my dad

bhav bhoine sangatam vell sarun

to spend time in company of my siblings

ixtem mitra bhett devunk ravtam hanv acheun eaunk ghara

to meet my friends I am waiting to come home

bhurgim rauta ghara euank maka daddy kedna eaitolo tum ghara

children are waiting for me to reach home, when will you reach home

dukhan golloun phone marun ulloita vissor papi mhunta

with tears and on phone call they tell me not to forget

yeatolo rokdoch hanv puta

I am coming soon, son.


hanv eaitolo voi hanv eaitolo ghara eaitolom...

hanv dhortolom bhorvonso dhortolom

hanv ghara eaitolo hanv ghara eaitolom

Ghara levunk Zai 


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