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Dis tujea zolmancho (your birthday)

Dis tujea zolmancho

This is Goan Konkani version of happy birthday. and very popular song to be sung on birthdays.

the original composer is the legendary Alfred Rose

Dis tujea zolmancho credit to singer Jack Monty and Goencho Avaz, lyrics with English translation.

vid will load in few secs. vers 2.0 (7 Notes Band)


Dis Tujea Zolmacho

its you birth day

Dis vhodde khoxecho

day of great happiness

Happy Birthday mhunnon Ugdass kortanv tuzo

Happy Birthday wish in remembrance of you

Sorgar kor Anjeamcho

in heaven the angels

Sad ghaltat gaianacho

sound the chorus

Sonvsar char disancho

the world is for few days

Hanson khellon sarcho

spend it in fun and merriment

Fuddar tuzo fulom

may your future bloom

Ontreg tuje vaddom

Pest pida pois poddom

sickness and disease away from you

Tujem sukh urom

your happiness remain

Rup tujem Anjeachem

your angelic visage

Kalliz chodd mogachem

your loving heart

Deva Bapan aplem Bessanv tujer ghalchem

may heavenly Father shower his blessings on you

Zolmacho Dis Tuzo Zolmacho Dis Tuzo

your birthday today, your birthday today

Hanson khellon sodanch sarcho

spend it fun and merriment

Zolmacho Dis Tuzo


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