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Dis Ani Rath (Day and Night)

Dis Ani Rath

Dis ani rath , a melodious konkani love ballad, a wedding special to grace our joyous occasion.

Vocalist/Cast: Abigail Tavares & Sanvic Fernandes

Originally written and composed : Myron LUcas 7 Notes Goan band Credit: People's Champ, Silver Notes Production

lyrics and translation for global audience, youtube vid link will load in few secs


Polleun rupnnem anv sampodlom

when i saw your visage

Sampodlom tujea mogan

I was imbued in love with you

Mevtoch tuka moga mhojea

when I met you my love

Uzzo pettlo kallzan

my heart was inflamed

Uloitana rigoilim

while speaking

Rigoilim utram monan

words engraved in my mind

Sangatin mhoji tuka vichli

chose you for life partner

Jivit sarunk sovsaran

to spend my life in this world


Sonvsar mhozo korunk tuzo

to make your world mine

Di mhaka tuzo sangat

give me your intimacy

Kallokant mhojea yevun Anjea

you came into the darkness of my life

Tuvem pettoili mogachi vaat

you lit up the candle

Suria chondrim ani noketram

the sun, the moon and the stars

Amcho mog polloun murgodtat

seeing our love they blush

Toshinch murgodtelim amchim kallzam

so will our hearts blush

Moga Dis Ani Raat

love day and night

Soglem tujem mhaka tum ditai

give me all that's yours

Ditai Sukhacho asro

give me the haven of peace

Dhovi nhesonn nheson dislo mhaka

dressed in white, it seemed to me

Fudar amcho dogaimcho

our future two of us

Nirmileant Devan amkam

God has destined

Sukha dukhant korunk fudo

through happiness and sorrows we'll fight

Ekvottan ami sasnank zodlo

With our Unions we fulfilled the sacrament

Sacrament kazaracho

marriage sacrament


Jivitachi vatt cholchim dogaim

to walk teh life's path together

Fattim fudem nam polloumchim

We'll not look ahead or behind

Moroporian viswasan

till we die we'll be faithful

Ekamekak vengoumchim

in each others embrace



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