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Bencdaita pai ( sweater Kori)

Bencdaita pai

Bencdaita pai ( sweater Kori)This was one of the classics we heard over the radio growing up and if in the midst of studies, we had to take a break to listen to this fun duet. and the guy anxious about her Dad and she trying to comfort him. the original singers Antonette and Anthony Mendes lyrics : C. Alvares Music Frank Fernand

An exquisite cover by Sidney and Silvina and their Shine On band

lyrics with ENglish translation for our global audience, vid will load in few secs



Tum nasloi punn tuka sweater kori

in your absence I have knitted sweater

Tujench chinti eklim aslim khorim

whenever I am alone, my thoughts are of you

Ugdass ietoch sweater vordear dhori

I hug the sweater close, thinking of you

Fugasavan moje diss ao sari

spend my days overcome with grief

Ani rodtalim daktulea burgea pori

and cry like a little child


Anvui pisso assa tujea rupan

I am crazy with your beauty

Maria chondrim tum distai rupan

Maria you like the moon in the silvery clouds

Kazar zaunk licence diit zaliar papan

If your Dad gives me licence to marry

Dhorchonam ao sarko volen supan

I will not linger any further

Magir astelem tum sodanch mojea gopan

And then you will always remain in my embrace.


Valees tujich maka axea

Valle's i desire only you

Mog tuzo kortam au khaxa

I love you dearly


Vodlean sango nakai pixea

do not proclaim aloud

Makai mog tuzo buxea

I am in love with you too


Veguinich ami kazar zaunk zai

We should get married soon

Kosloch Valees tum kor upai

Valles, find a way somehow


Cazar zaunk koxi dakoita

I happily marry you

Punn benkraita tuzo pai

but you dad shoos me away


Beiopachem vales kor tum todem

Do not fear Valles, but seek a solution

Poi cai borem amchem sobta zodem

Look at us, we make a lovely pair

Cazar zatelim anv tuje koddem

You are only one I will marry


Varem nastanam amchem cholta voddem

without the wind our boat moves ahead

Punn, papa tujo korit mojem modem

Your Dad might want to see me dead


Tem tujea monantlem visor valees

Please forget and erase from your mind

Papak mojea tosoli nam malis

My Dad has no issues


Voukotam papa tujo vodlo talis

I Know your Dad is a Big Man

Tondanui ulounk to motto falis

When he speaks he makes me crawl

Maka mocheank korta tosoch korit palis

Like shoes he may get me polish


Kazar zaunk valees zau raji

Please agree to marry me

Khoxi moddi nakai moji

Don't leave in distress

Anv sangatin zatam tuji

I will always be yours


Khaunk cazarachi soji

To eat the wedding sweets


Mogan dolleancher ailea sai

I have tears of happiness


Kazar zaunk khoxi eta bai

to marry feels me with happiness

Khuxen boumtolom bandun tie

Happily I will roam wearing a tie

Zatoch chogam bhurgeancho pai

when I am father of four children


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