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Amchi Kanni (Our story)

Amchi Kanni, (Our story) is long love song sequence or more a poetry of love, promises and devotion to each other. Cast: Maythan Barreto and Alisha Fernandes

credit: Singer/composer Maythan Barreto

translation for global audience

munta mog utor valorachem

they say love is word of Value

kallzan lhar marta somdirachem

heart is caressed by sea waves

murgot hansokh zai ekvottachem

soddanch folle meutalem vavrachem

always the work will bear fruits

tum purmollit full tum mogachem

like flower's fragrance of your love

dhor funtok dhivcheni neum visvaxem

we'll not let the knot to unravel

tum sukh mhojea kallzachem

you're are my hearts delight

jivit kortolem tujem sukachem

I will fill your life with happiness

poillech nodrek mog zallo

It was love at first sight

poloila kedna tuka

when I first saw you

sodanch vatt tuka poitam

I will gaze at the road ahead

fuddem assa oshen dista maka

It seems like you're ahead

2 )Rani kortolom soglem sukh ditolom

I will make you a Queen and shower with happiness

galloenk divochona hanv tujhe dikhan

I will not let tears in your eyes

.sukh dukh. ontrollor udchim kudick laun panka

through joy and happiness, we will fly with wings

tunch mhujea fuddarachem sukh

you are future life happiness

mogacher poddonck duinchen nui kallok

will not darkness fall on our love

sangatan sorsim koslean ailer dukh

will suffer together any troubles our way

ekvottan boruea amche mogache book

Lets write our love diary together

pois korea ailer amcher kallem

mogan bhogsui zaiit zaller dukh

palloichi mogan taen and bhuk

lets quench our thirst and hunger

visreun duiechim nah amche mogache ruk

will never forget our Loves tree

koro mog hanvem tuzo kella

I loved you truly

sukachea painhant dorvortolo

I will bask you in love's cradle

koshlem oddrust uprashlear

whatever the ill troubles

moga passot zuztolom

I will fight for love's sake


Tuvem sodlear maka hanv sodchonam tuka

even though if you leave me, I will not leave yo

chintum tujem sodanch rodtolom

thinking of you I'll always cry

petoi mogachi dhuili

light up the lamp of love

tum mogachi bavli kushal dovortolom

You're love's doll, I will keep you happy

kallzak bhogtele mhujea khusalkai

my heart will be filled with happiness

tum meutoch maka ani kitem zai

when I have you, what else do I need?

niz moga ami amcho krorunk zai

zogdhi zalear gorzechi amka susnekai

If we fight, it is important we understand

muzho mog tujea kallzant samball

save my love in your heart

sodanch kortolom tuji apurbhai

I will care for you

mogan visvaxi ami ravunk zai

we have to remain faithful to each other

na tor ulhas sodchona bienka bhai

sogglear tuka gavhan bhonvoitolom

I will take you everywhere in town

jivit bortolo fullani

fill your life with flowers

deva lagim hanv magtolom bhor amka dhenainim

I"ll pray to God to fill me with gifts

..seva kortolom kushal dovorotlem saunvsarak dakoitolem

serve you, keep you happy show the world

tum mhunne mhuji rani

you're my queen

mogan melim tor ako saunvser bhor utele amchi kanni

If we die in love , the whole will know our story.


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