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Kalliz Vhelem Chorun

You stole my heart Credit to BTR, Singer Avina Furtado

La la la la la la....

La la la la la la...

Kallzak mhojea tumven chavoilelem,

You have warmed my heart

Mogachea udkan maka navoilelem,

You've have bathed me in streams of love

Kazar mhojea lagim zata mhunn ravoilelem,

because you promised to marry me, I had waited

Konn antam vorot ful tem bavoilelem,

Now who will befriend me, a faded flower.


Mog mhozo korun, kalliz vhelem chorun,

With your love, you stole my heart

Dis antam kaddtam dolle dukhanim bhorun,

I spend my days with eyes drained with tears

Kitlo tum dharun, patok hem adarun,

You betrayed me and have sinned greatly

Gelo tum kallzak mhojea balo marun…

You have gone now, piercing my heart with arrow

Khoxeachea lharar maka choloitatlo,

In the waves of happiness you will bask me

Mogachea painear maka dolloitalo

You will sway me in the swing of love

Mogall utranim uloitalo,

Words of love you will utter

Fottkirea monan mista bulloitalo.

But with cheating mind to fool me......

Kalliz Vhelem Chorun


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