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sorvboutim Uzvaad

an endearing love song...

Sorvboutim uzzvadd chandniacho

Under a magical spell of Moon lit night

Kallokantt dhe sanghatt tuzho

In the shade of darkness, give me your company

tuch Mujhe kuddicho sandho

You are part of my flesh

Bhagoi eia kallzachho anvvdho

Fulfill my heart desires

Nheal eia sobit uttrancho

Think about this beautiful words

Khallzzak mujhea ditta tarrho

That comforts my heart

Anikh … khuri nhazo, mog oih amcho dogaincho

We cannot delay our love for each other.

Takhoi khalliz khallzak venothai jivitak

Lean your heart close to mine, the longings of our lives

Patt korunk oddrusstak

To leave behind pain and misery

Dee tuzo mog Mogha

Give me your Love……..



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