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Oh Goa - Jean Samion

A sing along, to cheer up........ Oh Goa sung By Jean Samion, lyrics by Chris Perry

Jivitan Mhojea kednach

Goem Hanv pavonk naslim

In my life I had never been

to Goa

Lahnuch ponni tanh Cannadak


Since I was a kid, I was in Canada

Poilech pautti Goaem anv paulim

First time when I reached Goa

Sopnan assam xim dislim.

It was like in dream

Khorench chintunk monan

chitnam oslim

I never thought it will be like this


Oh Goa-Goa, Goa

Sweet little Goa, Goa Goa

Oh Goa-Goa, Goa

Wonderful Goa, Goa Goa

You have such beautiful sceneries

lovely mountain trees greenery

Oh Goa-Goa, Goa

I love you, Goa

Lahn astanam maim-pai apurbai mhoje kortalim

Since I was was a kid my mom, dad raised me with love

Falte ek naslim, mago tem ditalim

I did not have anything lacking, whatever I asked they would give me.

Punn ek utor monan ghaltalim

But one thing, they always advised me

Oxem mhunnon sangtalim

They would tell me this way

Goemkara lagim Kazar zau mhuntalim

When you grow up, see that you marry a Goan.



Zolmolin Canada

I was born in Canada

Punn nizachen anv Goenkar

But I am very patriotic Goan

Vhodvikkai zaiti Goemchi, sangot maka sabar,

Goa's greatness, many would tell me

Aikon chintnam naslim kabar, jivakui naslo thar,

My thoughts would not end, and I had no peace

Kedna kai pollounk distalim Goa Xar.

I could not wait to see my Goa State.


Oh Goa - Jean Samion


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