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Confession of love

A couple reunites with a ........


Kitem chintlealea, kitem godlea, monatlea chintop monanut urlea,

What did I think, what did happen, my thoughts remained in my head alone

Khoxeachi sopona , anv soponeatali, anvochit zagoun nideatealea utlea,

Happy dreams, I used to dream, but suddenly I woke up from my slumber

Eka suknea pori, varear vudlea, porva keli na kitea jivit fudlea,

Like a bird , I flew in the air, I did not think about my life's future

Somderachea, larar khelltalea , tufan eaat mun chintuak naslea,

I used to play by the ocean waves, never thought about the coming storm


Fugar zavon rodtai, konak xintai, ugdas kor fatlea nieal korun,

You are overcome with grief, whom do you blame, remember the past and understand

Sanglealem teana, dhorleana kanar, vorear vorear aslem varear vudon,

My advice then, you did not heed , you were lost in the clouds

Patkacho pantlo, tumvem matear gheatlo, fotichea vozea tea patlean boroun,

Baskets of sins you carried in your head, full to the brim with lies and deceits

Sotacho divo, tumvem paloun vealo, bhogsonea mag kumsar koroun.

The lamp of truth , you blew off , ask for forgiveness with the confession

Chorus: Confession of love, confession of love, confession of loveeeeeeeeeeee………

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