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Kazarachem Utor (vow to marry)

Kazarachem Utor

Kazarachem Utor, when neighbors fall in Love, Goan Renaissance band with a magical touch to this timeless Konkani classic set to a waltz beat composed by H Britton

Konkani lyrics with English translation, vid will load n few secs.


Mhojea ghora samkar tujem ghor,

my house is next to yours

Socallim utton tujer ghaltam nodor,

i wake up in the morning to gaze at you

Mojem ghor tujea ghora tenkon vor,

please move my house still closer to yours

Kedna diuxi kazarchem utor.

when will you promise to marry me


Yeo moga danvon,

come my love rushing

panch paunde devon, Ani konnak pollenakai vollon

down the steps and do not look at any anyone else

Mog koslo tho, ailo kollon, Eka meka kedna ami mellot.

can't imagine how deeply we fell in love, surely we'll meet and be one.

Ratchim zonelam danktalim tedna,

when we close the windows at night

Tum ani anv zonlear dusro konn na,

Its just two of us and no one else

Nidon dinant mogachim chintna,

I spend sleepless thinking about you love

Socailim uzvaddot xem dista kedna.

eagerly i await for dawn to break

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